Politician and former Indian, Badruddin Shaikh straddles several years of experience. Currently a Senior Leader of Indian National Congress represent Gujarat constituency and Leader of Opposition party of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, he has previously served as Vice President, Khawaja Saheb Dargah Committee - Ajmer Shrif, Appointed by Minority Affairs Dept. Central Government. He served as spokesman of congress committee.


Born History

Born in Gujarat on 13 September 1952. Shaikh did his school graduation from Bhakt Vallabh Dhoda Vidya Vihar Ahmedabad then he did his graduation from H.K Arts College and Post-Graduation from L.A Shah Law College. 

Education History

  • Since 2002 President of Ahmedabad Muslim Graduate Association.
  • Chairman Muslim Graduate Federation of Gujarat, 2015.
  • 1979 Elected as Senet Member of Law Faculty, Gujarat University.
  • 1990, nominated by Govt of Gujarat as Syndicate Member, Gujarat University.

Badruddin Shaikh is also a recognized authority on India, especially regarding its recent economic transformation and future prospects, globalization, freedom of the press, human rights, literacy, culture, foreign affairs and more, and is a compelling and effective Spokesman, fluent in English, Hindi & Gujarati. He was the delegate of public transport conference at Dubai 2012 also the member of Indian Delegation to 12th world Youth Festival at Russia and held the World Mayor Conference in USA 2001.