How to write an application essay

How to write an application essay

Before joining college, you will be required to complete some of the necessary procedures, application essays gives you the chance to provide information about yourself that cannot fit within the other application forms. Application essay reveals your capabilities and your accomplishments. A good application essay should be genuine and should explain your abilities beyond your grades.

Before writing the essay, take time to think about what you want to share, include how you want to convey your background and what makes you unique. Application essay gives you the chance to share your personality, life experiences or lessons learned. When writing an application you should not forget to justify why you think you need to be part of the college. List all the activities and leadership roles in your application as part of the justification.

One of the common mistakes students do, is to try and squeeze everything they have done or accomplished in their essays. However, an application essay is not about your life story, it’s about the relevant things that make you unique that will add value to the college. Therefore, an application essay should be carefully designed and should be an insightful essay; you should take advantage by sharing your uniqueness write the story that no one  can tell.

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