Political Career

Year Political Career 
2010-2015 Opposition Leader of A.M.C
2000-2003 Chairman, Standing Committee, A.M.C
1995-2000 Elected as Municipal Councillor
1992-1993 Convener of GPCC Minority Cell
1990-1991 Joint Secretary, GPCC Minority Cell
1985-1990 General Secretary, GPCC Minority Cell
1984-1986 General Secretary of NSUI , Gujarat Pradesh
1979-1981 General Secretary of Ahmedabad City Youth Congress
1978-1980 Member of All Indial Muslim Youth
Year National
2012 Delegate Public Transport Conference 2012,Dubai
2005 Member of Prime Minister’s Hajj Delegation 2005
2005 Appointed as Vice President of Khwaja Saheb Dargah Committee,Ajmer (Minority Affairs Ministry (Govt. of India),2005.
2004 Member of All India Minority Advisory Board Along with Dr. Manmohan Singh, Shri Ahmed Patel , Shri Gulam Nabi Azad, Shri Oscar Farnandis 2004.
2001 World Mayor Conference 2001 USA.
1985 Member of Indian Delegation to 12th World Youth Festival at Russia, 1985.

My various  activities & agitation

As Muslim face of Gujarat actively launched and got result regarding Waquf properties which were sold by BJP Appointed Chairman in the Gujarat Stare Waquf Board, with Co-operation and participation of our society and Congress worker the sell deed of the nearly Rs. 200 Crores was cancelled by the BJP Govt. We stages Dharna in many cities of Gujarat including Surat, Bharuch, Baroda, Dohod, Veraval, Jamnagar and Bhuj to name a few. I am closely associated with all major and National level Muslim Organization including Jamate-Islami, Jamiat- Ulema, All india Muslim Majlise Mushaverat and all India Milli Council. I have noted that Muslim Community badly need a REHBAR (A true Muslim Leader in Congress). The Community do not need merely MLA’s but they need a Leader or REHBAR who is well acquainted with problem of the community and who can solve their problems without any clash or any agitation. There is a strong feeling in the Muslim Community that congress Party gives them MLA’s but not a single sensitive REHBAR Muslims need a leader who can lead from the front and who can motivate the community to vote for Congress party. As an educationist I launched and conducted many educational programme including scholarship to poor student, best ideal teacher award, meritorious scholarship programmes and summer activities for minority student.